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Clothes-Free Yoga Classes

"To train and practice as nature intended is to enjoy the body with which we have been gifted in a natural and harmonious way." ~ Matt, The Bearded Naked Yogi


Matt is an internationally recognised and acclaimed teacher of

Clothes-Free Hatha Yoga & Meditation.


Beneficial for the body, the mind and the spirit, Matt's teachings and classes provide the practitioner with the space to be themselves and to enjoy the wonderful postures that are so characteristic of this ancient practice.


Matt teaches that to practice yoga has many benefits to the individual;

physically, mentally and spiritually.


Unhindered by fabric, the body is able to move completely freely through postures and sequences. This freedom of movement cultivates a space to develop a deep love and appreciation for our body; this cultivation of love for ourselves translates into a deep love for the world around us.


Matt’s Online Clothes-Free Hatha Yoga & Meditation classes are currently available to men and those who identify as men from all walks of life.

Matt’s Private Clothes-Free Hatha Yoga & Meditation classes are available to everyone.

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