Adventure :: Learning :: Transformation

As an adventurous child, with a head for books, a passion for learning and a heart that belonged to the sea, my journey to this now began with an early appreciation for simple, elegant movement, non-traditional philosophies and alternative ways of being. A thirst for adventure and a desire to learn have been the defining themes throughout my time on Planet Earth.

During a fifteen year career in the South-East of the United Kingdom, this thirst had started to grow and almost overwhelm me; I had learned and tasted so much and yet… something wasn’t right.

Successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2013 marked the start of an extraordinary period of growth and change in my life; the seed of an awakening which was encouraged further by trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest in 2014. These two experiences opened up both my inner and outer worlds to a rising sense of adventure and possibility.

And with adventure comes clarity and with clarity comes focus.

After a period of deep self inquiry, I understood that the time had come to listen to my heart and make a transition to a way of life that I would find more fulfilling.

After establishing and completing a five year plan that would see me complete studies in yoga, meditation, reflexology and other ancient healing techniques, my mind and heart were focused on the future and the freedom to explore who I was, who I was becoming and what I could offer the world outside of the confinement I felt myself in.

Completing my studies to the highest standards possible, my transition to a new way of life took place in the form of that most simple act of humanity; walking. Leaving the UK behind, I walked a 2,000 mile pilgrimage across Spain, Switzerland and Italy, following ancient pilgrim tracks across plains, mountain ranges, forests and open country. It was an adventure that fully invited me to partake in the possibilities of conscious living and provided me with a profoundly personal threshold into a deeper manifestation of adulthood.

Through the years, the physical and mental practices of Yoga have been my constant companion and have been there for me to draw upon. For me, the practice of Yoga should not be complicated - it is a practice of simplicity, honesty and of self-realisation and understanding. Yoga is available to everyone, regardless of flexibility or physical strength - even the simplest of movements contain benefits for our bodies and minds.

Despite the adventures I have already made, the greatest of all continues to be becoming who I am.