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Yogi :: Yogacharya :: Meditation Master

Matt’s approach and teachings of yoga are rooted within tradition and delivered with an understanding of the modern age in which we all live.


The physical and mental practices of yoga support the individual to learn about themselves and can be used as a vehicle for profound personal transformation and understanding. Yoga is a complete holistic science of the self where one can cultivate a deep understanding and insight into our individual and collective human condition.


Our world moves ever faster and more and more people are turning to the science of yoga looking for answers to the questions of life and as a way to reduce stress, gain more clarity of themselves and experience a peace of mind that is unmatched.


Yoga is an expansive and all-encompassing practice, which is not only the physical postures of which many people are aware, but includes getting to know ourselves deeply, being attentive and aware of our breath and understanding the mind through meditative practices.


The practice of yoga is an individual experience, where the principles, disciplines and philosophical teachings are applied to the practitioner's own lives and to their individual experience of the world - a yogi understands that while the path of yoga is a tried and tested philosophy and practice, the individual journey is as unique as the practitioner themselves.


The practice of yoga is a practice of transformation; not necessarily about becoming a different person, but about becoming who we truly are - a true individual that is not defined by labels or expectations; someone who is capable of experiencing the true enjoyment of life exactly as it is.

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