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Meet The Team

Say Hello to the Bearded Naked Yogi Team!


Meet the team behind The Bearded Naked Yogi and understand how

Matt and Marc’s passion for naked yoga came from a

deep spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Meet Lucie


So inspired by yoga, Lucie trained to teach this beautiful and ancient practice to further understand and share her experiences with others.


Lucie teaches Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Gravity Yoga, and is available during selected retreats as our fully qualified massage therapist.

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Lucie embraced yoga as a beautiful, never-ending path, discovering new things to learn in the cultivation of peace, happiness and harmony in life.


Lucie was called to the practice of yoga through its ability to create safe and nurturing spaces within which people can feel whole and complete within their bodies.


A qualified practitioner of Transformational Breathwork, Lucie harness this powerful technique combining conscious breathwork, mindfulness, and guided visualization to facilitate deep emotional release, physical rejuvenation, and spiritual expansion.

Her holistic approach helps you reconnect with your true self and tap into your unlimited potential.

Lucie is also a qualified and practising Holistic Nutritionist and joins

The Bearded Naked Yogi Team for selected retreats and

online Transformational Breathwork events.


Lucie has inspired me to truly love yoga! Lucie is highly knowledgeable

about many aspects of yoga.

She will support and encourage you on how to make the most out of yoga.


Lucie has always been incredibly diligent with every class she has done and her enthusiasm and love for yoga always show. I love my sessions with Lucie and always have a great time.”.

H ~ United Kingdom

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