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When was the last time you had time to focus on yourself without the distraction of everyday life?


When did you last practice yoga alongside like-minded souls in spaces that are created with you at its heart?  


When did you last dedicate seven days to self-discovery

and self-acceptance?

From stretching core muscles to improving flexibility and calming the mind...

we know that yoga has a whole host of benefits.


But during the whirl of day-to-day life it can be hard to find the time and space to truly focus on your practice. 


The Bearded Naked Yogi Retreats offer you a perfect place of rest, respite and learning...  a personal paradise where every need is met and people are free to achieve their highest aspirations of personal growth as part of a supportive and nurturing community.


Whether you're looking for the perfect mixed-gender clothed retreat to deepen your practice,

a community-based clothes-free retreat just for men, or the shared experience and

joy of our mixed clothes-free events, these are the ideals that inspire us and

drive the ethos behind each of our carefully-crafted yoga retreats.

Immersing yourself into a retreat guided by the expert instructors at The Bearded Naked Yogi is a pivotal way to elevate your personal development and deepen your spiritual growth.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have been practicing yoga for many years, our yoga retreats give you the potential to level-up your practice and finely hone the understanding of your heart, soul and mind. 

Each year we welcome peace seekers from across the world to experience a

warm welcome and that feeling of coming home.

Find out more below:

"I attended one of Matt's retreat with my husband, Rich, who'd never been on a yoga mat before our trip. Matt delivered yoga sessions which were perfect for both of us; they were challenging and inspiring for me, but also accessible and supportive for Rich…..Matt also makes yoga both spiritual and fun, he has a real gift for making you feel relaxed and confident in your practice and Marc’s sound baths and yoga were amazing.

We will definitely be returning and recommending it to all of our friends. The week was full of laughter and love and the venue was amazing as well!"

~ Jackie, Cornwall

"What an incredible and rewarding experience - the yoga sessions were considered, engaging, fun and suitably challenging; the food excellent; the sound baths relaxing; the venue wonderful; and the company of Matt, Marc and the other men nurturing and nourishing. I left relaxed, recharged and inspired and with lots of ideas for my own yoga practice - thank you."


M ~ United Kingdom 


Alongside world-class physical yoga classes,

as part of our yoga retreat offering you can also look forward to:


  • Daily meditation and pranayama sessions

  • The chance to experience the profound magic of sound healing

  • The option of booking a massage treatment

  • Satsangs and discussions on various aspects of yogic philosophy and more


With several dates running throughout the year, our highly-anticipated yoga retreats are truly life-affirming experiences, offering our guests comfort, connection and world-class teachings in yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy and so much more besides.  


Join us on your The Bearded Naked Yogi Retreat

and experience a peace and wellbeing like you’ve never felt before.

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