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Meet The Team

Say Hello to the Bearded Naked Yogi Team!


Meet the team behind The Bearded Naked Yogi and understand how

Matt and Marc’s passion for naked yoga came from a

deep spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Meet Matt


Matt is an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate yoga teacher who has been teaching Hatha and Restorative yoga, yogic meditation and mindfulness techniques for over a decade. Throughout his journey of education and self-discovery, the physical and mental practises of yoga have been his constant companion.

Matt teaches across the globe with a growing worldwide community of students stretching from New Zealand to the west coast of the United States.

Receiving his formal teaching qualifications from The Yogi Ashokananda School, it was here that he experienced deep insights and the highest level of authentic yoga training


Matt believes the practice of yoga has been overcomplicated. He teaches that yoga is a practice of simplicity and honesty, of self-realisation and self-understanding.

Yoga is available to everyone, regardless of flexibility or physical strength; even the simplest of movements contain benefits for our bodies and minds.

Through his teachings, Matt shares his knowledge and experience of what it means to go ‘beyond yoga’.


He shares his deep understanding of spirituality and philosophy from different traditions; helping you to discover the pure, blissful state of awareness and light that is your birthright.

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"To practice yoga is to enjoy the body with which we have been gifted in a natural and harmonious way. The spirit or soul does not need healing as it is already whole;

it is the conscious awareness of breath, body and mind that yoga helps to unite, giving you access to your spirit and to your truest self.


It is a privilege to teach the philosophy and practice of yoga and to witness the personal transformation that takes place in students and clients is a deep honour. I am humbled to be able to give people the gift of self-acceptance and self-love."

Matt - The Bearded Naked Yogi

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