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Naked Yoga Classes

Free Yourself With Naked Yoga

It doesn’t matter what your body looks like for you to be comfortable in it. 


Now read that again. 

It’s true. How we physically view our bodies doesn’t matter; it’s about how we feel inside. 

We need to have the power to deconstruct the damaging narrative which society has been feeding us for too long. 

Breaking the Narrative

Our unconscious thoughts and beliefs are seldom our own, they are often the construct of the society in which we live. We rarely question the origins of our thoughts and just go along with the status quo for fear of ridicule or shame. Shame is a painful emotion which leads us to believe that we are innately flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.


We have been conditioned to believe that nudity is shameful and our bodies are to be hidden at all costs.


As with any condition in life, the shame surrounding nudity can fall apart quickly if we stop reinforcing it and liberate our mindset. By facing our vulnerabilities with the courageous, bold approach of nudity, we become more grounded and more comfortable with ourselves. 


Nude Yoga for All

Naked yoga is a powerful practice that transforms our psyche and leads us to a deeper sense of self-acceptance. By embracing our natural form we can liberate ourselves of the inner voices destroying our self-esteem, our confidence, and the ability to open-up. We are able to strengthen the connection to ourselves and find self-love, giving us a deeper sense of peace than we have ever felt before.

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What Makes Naked Yoga a Spirtual Practice?

Naked yoga gives us the opportunity to detach from the material world and connect with our inner spirituality. Practicing yoga without clothes enables us to free our minds from intrusive thoughts - when our bodies are free, our minds are free and we can learn who we truly are. 

With naked yoga we celebrate the human form and stop hiding who we truly are under the cloak of pretence. There is no projecting a constructed sense of self and no concealing the body parts we are ashamed of. 

Naked yoga means stripping away the barriers, freeing our inhibitions, and letting go of shame. It is about knowing and loving yourself at your core, and a powerful tool to use on the long and winding road to ultimate self-acceptance.

"I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Matt both on-line and in-person. His classes are welcoming and accessible to all no matter what your previous yoga experience. I feel truly blessed to have Matt in my life!"​

D - United Kingdom

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We Are Equals

Naked yoga is about knowing and loving yourself at your core, and a powerful tool to use on the long and winding road to ultimate self-acceptance.


When we are stripped bare we are better able to truly see and feel who we are. 


When we are all naked, we are all equals.


We are free. 

Join Us

Yoga, beyond being a physical practice, is a holistic journey that offers a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Book your class and join our friendly, welcoming community today.

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