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Yoga Conditioning Training
with Matt - The Bearded Naked Yogi

Are YOU ready to unleash your true potential and join the

Ultimate Online Fitness programme?

Feeling like you need a goal to work towards or a renewed focus towards beginning or developing your own fitness journey?

We can all experience the benefits of maintaining a consistent yoga practice, not just for your body but also for a smoothness of mind and an equanimity to life

that is second to none.


Another way to boost that sense of harmony is through good,

old-fashioned physical training!


Developed by Matt - The Bearded Naked Yogi, Yoga Conditioning Training (#YCT for short!), is a complete training and physical fitness program and a unique and fun approach to boost your overall wellbeing, mental and physical fitness.


The innovative blend of traditional yoga poses combined with fun and effective High/Low Impact Intensity Training, Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises offers a host of benefits that can transform not only your physical health but also help you to lose weight and feel fantastic.

As the founder of #YogaConditioningTraining, Matt shares with the world his expert knowledge of physical training and fitness in a way that students and clients feel supported, encouraged and pushed to be the best version of themselves possible.


Matt is passionate that the practice of #YCT alongside a regular yoga practice is all a body needs to develop and maintain optimum levels of

physical and mental wellbeing.


These exciting, easy to follow and "extraordinarily effective" classes are available to everyone, regardless of flexibility or physical strength - even the simplest of movements contain

benefits for our bodies and minds.

Why Train With Yoga Conditioning Training?

Improved Flexibility - traditional yoga is known for enhancing flexibility, and

Yoga Conditioning Training takes it to the next level. This combination of yoga poses and conditioning exercises helps you reach new levels of flexibility in your body, promoting better range of motion and reduced risk of injury.

Increased Strength - strength training elements such as bodyweight exercises and calisthenics training are seamlessly integrated into the practice. This aids in building lean muscle, increasing stamina, and supporting a balanced, robust physique.

Mind-Body Connection - practised with the same principles of Yoga at its core, #YCT strengthens the connection between your mind and body. With a bit of hard work, a good dose of sweat and a lot of laughs in each session #YCT fosters a heightened awareness of your physical and mental state and encourages mindfulness, which can lead to stress reduction and a calmer, more centered life.

Body Positivity - #YCT Yoga Conditioning Training emphasizes self-acceptance and body positivity. It helps practitioners build a positive relationship with their bodies and learn to embrace themselves as they are, promoting self-confidence and self-love. Beginners to physical fitness are absolutely welcome

and we encourage each other all the way.

Community & Inclusivity - The Bearded Naked ethos has always been simple: to create a supportive, inclusive community. Participants often find a sense of belonging and acceptance, regardless of their age, gender, or body type. This fosters a non-judgmental environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Personal Growth -  and, you know what, training with #YCT encourages personal growth and self-discovery. It empowers individuals to confront their vulnerabilities, challenge their limits, and foster a greater sense of resilience.


This is not just a physical journey but a mental and emotional one as well - we're all in this together, so let's get ready for the best year in 2024!

With clothed and clothes-free classes available throughout the week,

there's no better time to get a sweat on and join in the fun!

Click below to see the schedule of clothed classes available for you.

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