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Meet The Team

Say Hello to the Bearded Naked Yogi Team!


Meet the team behind The Bearded Naked Yogi and understand how

Matt and Marc’s passion for naked yoga came from a

deep spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Meet Marc


After being at the helm of a thriving restaurant business for over 20 years, Marc's journey began in response to a deeper yogic calling of stress relief and self-awareness. Having taught yoga and sound therapies since 2018, Marc joined the Bearded Naked Yogi Team as a Senior Teacher in 2021, sharing his profound and often humorous insights with his students.

Marc is an inspiring teacher of Asana, meditation and sound therapy, with his fiery morning flows perfectly complimented by his understanding of the energetic anatomy of the body.

Marc has a deep understanding of the power of sound & mantra to help us reduce stress and create a deep sense of wellbeing.

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He believes the combination of healthy foods, aligned with a consistent practice of yoga and meditation, allows us to experience on a deeper level the expansion of our awareness throughout our daily lives. Ayurvedic cooking is a vital aspect of his teaching, teaching us that health and wellness depend upon the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

I discovered yoga by accident... or maybe it found me. I didn’t really understand the more complex and ‘spiritual’ side of yoga and its teachings at first. ‘Self discovery’ is such an over-used term, however yoga truly allowed me to discover a new version of myself. A calmer, more measured, more spiritual and more accepting version of me.


I can honestly say, yoga has changed my life.


There is a new light burning inside of me, a light of calmness, of confidence and of compassion. I want to share my challenge, share my story and share my openness to overcome with others battling with internal negativity, by way of meditation, mindfulness and practice”.

Marc - Senior Teacher at The Bearded Naked Yogi

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