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Meet The Team

Say Hello to the Bearded Naked Yogi Team!


Meet the team behind The Bearded Naked Yogi and understand how

Matt and Marc’s passion for naked yoga came from a

deep spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Meet Stefan

Stefan 1.jpg

Stefan has been an active yogi since 2004, having discovered the powerful physical/spiritual practice after a serious running injury. He completed his yoga teacher certification (RYT 200) in mid-2017. He believes that, through yoga, everyone can tap into the energy and awareness contained within, and renew their appreciation of each moment. 

His classes always encourage connection with the breath and its link with the movement of the body. He believes in intuitive movement, subtle shifts & modifications and a gentle flow so that his students can individually explore their connection with their own bodies, integrate the teachings and grow their own practice.

Stefan 4.jpg
Stefan 2.jpg

In class, he also pays particular attention to language and imagery (his main career is in the visual arts), unlocking a deeper level through visualisations and an uplifting uptick through humour and imagination. 

(Photography by Andrew Buchanan)

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