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In the midst of life's cacophony, there exists within the halls of our minds a silent symphony waiting that is waiting to be heard - it is the timeless art of meditation.

Yogis who delve into the depths of this practice not only unveil a path to tranquillity but also a profound understanding of existence itself. Meditation is the true heart of yoga and in this heart lies the true liberation of Self.

Meditation, at its core, is an invitation to return to the source - the unbounded essence from which all things arise. It is not merely a technique to escape the noise of the world but a doorway to dive deep into the ocean of our own consciousness.

Yoga often speaks of the interconnectedness of all phenomena, likening existence to a grand cosmic dance. In this dance, meditation serves as our partner, guiding us to synchronise with the rhythm of the universe.

At first glance, meditation may seem like a practice of doing - sitting in stillness, focusing on the breath, or repeating a mantra. However, Yoga reminds us that true meditation transcends the realm of effort and attains a state of effortless being.

It is not about striving to reach a destination but about surrendering to the ever-present now.

In the bustling modern world, where productivity is praised above all else, the point of meditation can often be misunderstood. We may approach it with a goal-oriented mindset, seeking stress relief or inner peace as if these were commodities to be attained.

Yet, the point of meditation is not to achieve a specific outcome but to embrace the eternal unfolding of existence, precisely as it is.

Through meditation, we peel away the layers of conditioned thought and societal expectations, revealing the pure essence of our being without the mask of adopted identity. In the stillness of meditation, we come face to face with the ever-present now - the eternal moment where past and future dissolve into insignificance. 

Here, in the sanctuary of silence, we discover that the point of meditation lies not in escaping reality but in embracing it fully.

At the very core of the interconnected nature of existence there lies the inseparable unity of the self and the universe. In the practice of meditation, we experience this truth firsthand as we dissolve into the boundless expanse of consciousness. Here, there is no separation between observer and observed, subject and object - only the seamless flow of existence.

You’re it… and you remember what it actually is.

In the practice of meditation, we awaken to the inherent impermanence of all things. We come to realise that clinging to the transient phenomena of the world only leads to suffering.

Instead, we learn to embrace the ever-changing nature of reality with open arms, recognising that true freedom lies in letting go… of what was never ours to hold onto in the first place!

The yogi who dives headlong into this ancient art realises that the boundaries we perceive between ourselves and the world are but illusions, constructed by the mind. In the stillness of practice, these illusions dissolve into the nothingness of themselves and leave in their absence the underlying presence of unity that binds us all together.

Meditation is not difficult or complex; it is a conscious alignment and living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe and, upon alignment and harmonisation with these rhythms, we find ourselves tapped into the infinite wisdom that permeates all of existence.

There is solace in the midst of chaos, clarity in the midst of confusion, and peace in the midst of turmoil.

The point of meditation is not to escape the world but to embrace it fully.

It is a journey inward and a return to the source of all being; our being - a journey that ultimately leads us back to ourselves.

We realise that the point of life itself is not to strive for some distant goal of enlightenment or supreme elucidation, but to truly realise that we are already in harmony with the ever-unfolding symphony of existence.

This, my Friends, is it.

Matt ~ The Bearded Naked Yogi

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